Digital Dentistry

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Today’s technology has introduced many new options in the world of dentistry and at Case Family Dentistry, we are keeping up with the changes. We will always strive to integrate the latest, most efficient procedures, which will benefit our patients by saving them time and discomfort.

Digital Radiography: Digital x-ray technology not only saves time, but also uses 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays and reveals things that film can’t. It’s also better for our environment since it doesn’t involve the release of any harmful, chemical waste.

Laser Decay Detection: Anyone who’s had a dental exam is familiar with the poking and prodding involved with searching for cavities and decay. Dr. Case makes this process less unpleasant and more efficient by using a low wattage laser probe, which compares the reflected wavelengths of healthy and decayed areas, to inspect your teeth.

Intra-Oral Camera: Modern ‘Video Examinations’ provide our patients with the advantage of seeing exactly what we see in close-up detail on the computer monitor before them. This tiny camera increases our ability to diagnose your dental needs while helping you to have a better understanding of your condition.